Thursday, January 10, 2013


Greg, the Lego Technic man, has been with me in college and on my entire mission, but he was lost at the beach this last week.  We had a district outing. Everyone was burying me in the sand as a "goodbye" gesture, and Greg fell out of my pocket. A little wave came up and took him out to sea.  So that is the end of Greg.  It was sad, but it's okay.  I do have a lot of pictures of him.

More importantly, we are working with our branch leadership to help them experience the conversion that is necessary to grow and strengthen the branch.  There are many faithful members here who need this deeper commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to really enjoy the blessings of their faith.  So, we are focusing on basic doctrines.  When we really understand true doctrine, it changes our behavior.

Oh, my Christmas package finally came!  Guess it took about a month to get here.  I hope I can eat all the food before I come home!

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  1. I have loved reading your experiences over the past 2 years! I'm sorry to hear about losing Greg! I remember before you left for Europe and you decided to take him with you and take pictures of him in all the cool places you went. Maybe your mom will jump on mpix and make a photo book of all his adventures!