Friday, August 17, 2012

Weddings and Baptisms

The couple we are working with got married along with a few other couples who were also waiting for the chance to be married.  Our whole district was working to help these families become legally married.  It was a great effort.  Then we had the weddings at Church on Thursday.  There was a celebration afterward.  Three of the couples got baptized a few days later.  The one we helped isn't ready to make that commitment yet, but we are working to introduce them to more people in the branch so they can learn from the members about living the Gospel of Christ.  We have transfers this week, but I am staying here in Paita, so I will get to continue working with this family.  My companion is being transferred to another area in Paita.

Making it official!

Can you find Elder Sims?

Celebrating the wedding!

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