Friday, May 18, 2012

My 21st Birthday

In Peru, cake and eggs go ON you before they go IN you.
I had a good birthday.  It was on Mother's Day, so I also got to Skype with my family.  I had some boxes come from home, and we celebrated with the balloons and banner and goodies at a member's home.  The Bishop from a previous ward I served in also came to celebrate with us; that was great.

My brother, Joshua, is preparing for his mission and my parents asked for advice.  I told them how important it is to have a strong conviction of the Gospel.  It is one thing to live the Gospel at home, where one is content to do so, and another to have to stand before people every day and have your faith challenged. It takes a higher level of conviction to not only withstand that but help people accept the Restored Gospel as true.  It is a very difficult thing to do every day.

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