Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Area, Same Big City

Baptism in Castilla

Well, I'm.... still in Piura. Technically it's called Castilla (pronounced Castiya), but it's like a Cedar Falls to Waterloo; just across the river and part of a larger metropolitan area. The area is a little more affluent than I am used to, so now some of the people we visit are much more educated. We're even teaching a brain surgeon who studied in Russia. Obviously, not everyone wants to listen, but they're more polite and understand better what we are saying.  So, the new area has been a transition, but it is going okay.  We had a baptism on Sunday; that's what the picture is from. 

I'm doing well, although things are wearing out--my pants, ties, and socks, mostly.  At least I got my shoes fixed!  Thanks for everything and "hi" to everyone!

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