Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fourteen Months

This year has passed really quickly, more than any other of my life. Wow. I'm really excited for General Conference this year, and hoping that it'll be a good experience :) It's not as hot here as it was, and I think I've now passed the worst of the heat of my mission!  This was a good week. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rain is welcome

It rained today.  It almost never rains hard.  I like the rain because it gives us a break from the heat, even though that means the next day will be hot and humid.

I'm looking forward to General Conference, and I'm trying to prepare by studying the talks from the last conference.  I liked how Elder Scott said the scriptures can be like friends.

We baptized two people this weekend, a mother and son. The woman was a little scared because her husband isn't very supportive, but she was willing to take that big step.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Our heat continues, but summer is supposed to be ending gradually.  By the end of April, our high temperatures will only be around 90°F instead of 98°.  The heat does make it hard to work; no one wants to be out in the hot afternoon sun.  But I am used to it now.  Our city, Piura, has three stakes of the Church and five mission zones.  That's how I have been in the city all my mission so far.  Our proselyting areas are small but have high populations.  When the new Chiclayo mission was created last year, they took most of our jungle areas away.  It was kind of sad, since we don't get to go to those areas, but there are still five good-sized cities in our mission.  Some have missionaries and some don't.  My ward here has about 150 active members and we have six missionaries.  Things are going well with Elder Barreno!

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Companion

My new companion is Elder Barreno.  He's from Guatemala.  We are looking forward to working hard this week.  This Sunday, our most recent convert, Yenson, blessed the Sacrament (even though he's still struggling with a speech impediment), and Sergio (who got baptized in January) bore his testimony. There's still a long way to go working with a few people here, but I think that I'm here in part to learn from these experiences and maybe to help in whatever way it may be that I can. So this is my 9th change and I continue in my 3rd area, but at least I haven't had to pack!

Elder Huacoto and his companion with Elder Sims and Elder Barreno