Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The time's gone quick, but there's still a lot left. Since it was my "cumpleaño" in that I completed one year, the other elders in the apartment egged me again. But it was funny :)  This morning I planned Jeopardy with the scriptures for the zone for P-day, but it was too difficult... Next time, it'll have to be simpler. But it'll be good studying in the future.

Celebrating Elder Sims' First Year of Service with an egg fight!

Will the shirts and ties ever get clean again?
We had a conference this week and the area doctor came with his wife to talk about a few things. It was interesting to converse with him.  They're the first Senior Missionaries from the UK. The most surprising part is that President Chipman invited me to translate for him when he couldn't quite get the Spanish. I was pleased that I was able to do that! And a little surprised, too. 

As I serve, I'm learning more about how the Gospel really can change peoples lives, and I hope that I can help them make that change. 

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