Monday, December 26, 2011

¡Feliz Navidad!

Elder Sims via Skype on Christmas Day!
A week before Christmas, we were told we could Skype with our families for about 45 minutes on Christmas Day.  A family in my new area had a computer with Internet service, so I talked to my family and saw their Christmas presents.  It was hard speaking in English, because I was still thinking in Spanish.  But it was nice to use Skype again!

Thanks to Grandma Manning and Grandma Sims for sending new ties!  I needed them.  I wore one of them on Christmas Day.  My family also sent me a new backpack, a watch (I lost my old one in a moto), a T-shirt, and plenty of candy.  We got together as a mission on Christmas Eve, and the office had held on to all the postal packages to distribute to us then.  It really felt like Christmas! I walked around with my backpack on even though I didn't have anything in it.  The Peruvians like to shoot off fireworks on Christmas Eve, so we were awake listening to those around midnight.

The night before (so, Friday), there was a ward party.  I got to play the piano a bit, which I haven't been able to do for a long time.  I really liked having time to play some of my favorite songs like Carol of the Bells and O Holy Night. 

My new companion is Elder Perero from Ecuador.  He is a recent convert and he loves learning new things, so it's fun to teach him what I surprisingly still remember from Seminary. I didn't think I paid that much attention...haha.  He's a good companion. 

Mom sent me a tree earlier in the month, and Greg and I set it up in the apartment.  You can see from the picture how excited Greg was.  The light saber was a little too big for him, though.

Greg starts celebrating a little early

Greg likes the new truck he got; it was hiding in Kristian's new backpack

Elder Sims on Christmas Day with a ward member and other Elders

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