Monday, October 10, 2011

Moving Others

Loading the truck to help a family move
I am pictured with my district leader.  So, we had met a family one day and offered to help them move. They were from Tumbes, another city that's pretty far away to the north, and they didn't have family or anything.  It turned out that the day that they had to move, they only had 10 soles for lunch, and renting a truck was going to cost 50.  We managed to get a member to bring his truck and the Bishop and his brother and their friend helped us to get them moved.  They did it all in like ... four trips.  The family was really happy and came to all three hours of Church yesterday.  They liked it all a lot and hopefully will keep progressing.  It surprised and impressed me what a huge difference that a simple two hour service project might end up making in their lives.  They already love the Church and the members, and we haven't even taught them yet :)

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