Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short Trio

Our trio is over, since Elder Rafaele was able to replace an Elder going home.  So now it's just me and Elder Maldonado, the newbie from Guatemala.  Technically that makes me his trainer but he's quite trained already.  The husband of our pensionista just got called as Bishop.  They live right across from us and we see them almost every day, so that's pretty nice.  We recently had another baptism.  My time is short today, but I hope all is well at home.  Thanks for the letters and prayers!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Companions

It was transfer time this week, and Elder Young was transferred.  I stayed in San Pedro, but I got surprised with two companions instead of one this time. A missionary came by surprise from Guatemala with a late visa so he went with us. Their names are Elder Rafaele and Elder Maldonado. 

Then Sunday, instead of having a normal stake conference, we saw a satellite broadcast from Salt Lake City that spoke--I think--to all stakes in Peru. The talks were given by Walter F. Gonzalez, Julie B. Beck, D. Todd Christofferson, and President Thomas S. Monson. I was a bit surprised, but President Monson was the only one who used a translator. Everyone else spoke Spanish!  That was pretty neat.

Sorry I don't have pictures this time; maybe soon!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


There's a reason that we missionaries leave a commitment with everyone that we teach. If we challenge them to even just pray every night or read a folleto (pamphlet), then when they comply with that commitment, they show us that they're capable of progressing. But more importantly, they show the Lord that they're willing to arrange their priorities for Him. What's more, it's part of the repentance process, allowing them to leave their sins and put the Lord higher on their priority list. Even when a person can't repent of all their sins because they haven't learned all of the commandments, they can show the fruits of "faith unto repentance" through keeping simple commitments. This is a lesson for all of us. If someone doesn't even feel the motive to read the scriptures a few minutes (let alone study them) or pray or go to Church or keep the Sabbath Day holy--the little things--if they don't feel to do those things, then in their heart of hearts, have they really repented? They might not have grave sins standing against them, but something I've learned here is that everyone needs repentance, even if it's a project of small things. If we aren't repentant, our baptismal convenants aren't effective by themselves, and the little things may end up having an eternal impact on our lives.