Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Elder Oaks visited the mission!

This week, we had a mission conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks and it was really sweet.  I took a bunch of notes, but the only thing I'll pass on for now is that he used an iPad for his scriptures and said that President Packer told all of the apostles to carry them always and to learn to use them.  How awesome is that?  I miss technology...but not too much.

We share our apartment in San Pedro with the Zone Leaders. A bunch of new missionaries have come in, and I realized I have been out for 7 months now!  Wow.

P-Day lunch with the Zone Leaders

Study time

Monday, August 15, 2011

No more cats

Elder Young, President Chipman, Elder Sims
President Chipman is a really great guy. We had interviews with him this last week and it was really edifying. So, my new area is San Pedro, a neighborhood in Piura.  The apartment is nice.  The pensionista (the lady that cooks for us) lives right across the hall. Both of the apartments are part of her in-law's house. They're all really friendly, and she cooks really well. It's fun. There's no cat, but I don't need it as much anymore.  All of the food here is quite fresh. Today I bought a crate of the best navel oranges I've ever had. The box cost 40 soles, or about... 15 dollars. Those oranges are the best! They're the kind that are usually exported and I really enjoy them.  

San Pedro apartment
Another view of the San Pedro apartment

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

San Pedro

So this is my first transfer.  But I didn't go far.  I'm in a different area in the same zone in Piura. It's called San Pedro. It's a lot smaller but it's got some really good members. I'm still getting to know everything here but it's going well! I'm with one of my best friends here in the mission, Elder Young. He's the one who went to La Huaca with me when we were translating in Paita. His family is from the US, if you were wondering, and the name goes up as far as you can imagine ;) cool, no? Anyway, since we're from the same group, neither of us is the senior companion and we're learning to motivate ourselves to work hard. That's the project for this transfer.  I never realized before that I'd be making friends here that I'd have for the eternities. That kind of blew my mind one day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Time for a Change

 I'm getting transferred tomorrow morning. It's a little sad. I got rather attached to this area and felt almost like it was my home ward. I loved being in the sacrament meetings and seeing every family arrive, even when they were active. I know it'll be the same in other wards too, but it's a little sad that I have to let go of these people. Hopefully I can keep in touch with some.  I don't know where I'll be going next, so here are a few thoughts on Piura....

Piura is a city of dust.  It rains very little and there's only grass in some places.  Most of the streets where I've been are just dirt.  In order to prevent these streets from turning into dust, everyone waters the dirt.  Every day.  It was really weird at first, but then after that it was weird seeing people watering grass because it wasn't dirt.  Sometimes people water the dirt in the houses as well.  Houses are primarily cement and bricks--or if they can't afford that, adobe, wood, straw, sticks.  Think 3 little pigs.  I've sent a picture of a moto before.  These mototaxis are how most people get around here, including misioneros.  Motos are motorcycles that have been modified to have 3 wheels and a carriage part in the back.  They look really unsafe and ... aren't really very safe at all.  An alarming number of motos drive all over the place and if you want to go somewhere without walking you just wave one over or talk to the nearest waiting one, settle on a price and go.  Other fun interesting things: tiendas.  Anyone can open their house up as a tienda, or store.  They buy some things and resell them through the window.  Some are really big and quite successful.  The weird thing is that there are like 3 or 4 in a block sometimes.  Sometimes more.  I don't know how it is that they can compete with each other but they do.  Well, that's all  of my time.  Bye!

Elder Sims and Elder Castro

Elder Sims with other Elders in Piura