Monday, July 25, 2011

Cool nights mean cold showers!

I'm finally able to send a few photos.  It is winter here in Perú.  It's still hot in the day, but it gets a little chillier at night now. The water system in the apartment is that there's a tank on the roof to preserve pressure. That water gets super cold at night :P I'm almost looking forward to summer to avoid that alone.  haha

We had two baptisms last Sunday! They were confirmed yesterday! One (second from right) is an older gentleman who lives alone, his name is Fidel. He accepted everything we told him and was baptized three weeks after we met him!  He's very faithful and willing and likes the Church a lot. The other is a 19-year-old youth named Manuel (standing next to me). We've known him for a while and it's been hard to get time with him sometimes, but now he's doing really well! He already has a lot of friends in the Church and he's doing well!

Transfers come in one week. I think this time it'll be time for me to go--maybe. I can't imagine leaving this area, but it'll have to happen sooner or later. Some of these members and converts are really good friends. 

One of the youths (see photo above) who's about to go on his mission to Chile in a month went to the market with us and helped us find our way around.  We have a really large and really great ward/area! Yesterday between 160 and 170 people attended Sacrament Meeting in that tiny chapel!  We had 7 investigators attend. It was a good day. 

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