Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Rest of My Family is in China

While the rest of the family traveled in China, we only exchanged short emails with Kristian.  Other than wishing us well on our trip and sending Father's Day greetings to his dad, here is what Kristian reported on June 13th:  We had a baptism on Saturday and two confirmations during Testimony Meeting. There were about 180 people in the chapel.

Then on June 20th, he wrote:  Today we found out the transfers. Elder Zaugg is going to the other [new] mission in Chiclayo. I'm staying here in Algarrobos and will be with an Elder Castro! Also, since our area is so big and has such potential, we're going to divide it up and share it with the assistants to the president! :O So we'll see how that goes. It'll be different with the changes, especially being the only North American in the apartment, but I'm glad I get to stay in Algarrobos for now.

And then on the 27th:  It sure has been a crazy change. At least I'm blessed to be able to speak Spanish well enough that I don't really have any problems talking even though there are three Latinos now in the apartment. Elder Castro is from Guatemala. He's had 9 months here and recently became senior companion this change. He's nice and friendly. I think I'll learn Spanish a lot more now. I'll send a picture.

Elder Sims and Elder Castro

Elder Castro was introduced to Greg, 
Kristian's Lego man and favorite photo subject

A member of the ward sent this photo of Elder Sims and Elder Zaugg

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