Tuesday, May 10, 2011

USS Comfort

The US Navy and civilian volunteers came to the port of Paita to offer free medical care. 
We worked as translators for the doctors.  Here is their main staging area.

This is the USS Comfort, the ship the Navy came to port in.

The Navy and volunteers were getting started.  

A few hundred people were let in every day. Some got dental care or extractions, some got optometry exams and glasses, a lot met doctors and pediatricians and presented their complaints. They got various medicines, or sometimes were told we couldn't help them. Very few got the privilege of going to the ship for free surgeries of various types. For me, it was a very interesting experience. I didn't know so many medical problems existed, and I didn't know that doctors know them so well.  Sometimes we had to tell the people grave things about their health.  I also had to spend a little time at the back gate trying to disperse a crowd of people who got in without permission and wouldn't receive treatment. Sobering stuff... 

With Elder Young and two Navy sailors, waiting for our assignments in Paita.  We actually ended up going to La Huaca, a farming area with banana trees and rice fields, to provide translation for doctors.

May 9, P-Day trip to the ice cream store. 
The ice cream here is spectacular. They have some incredible flavors. 
It might also help that ice cream is so nice to have as a missionary in Peru.

Motos are everywhere.  
You just hail them like a taxi and haggle before going where you want to go. 
This one was outside of our apartment.

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