Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kristian's 20th Birthday

Kristian had been warned about a local birthday tradition, and this is what happened....

It was interesting! It was more fun than I thought and there wasn't too much of a mess....We went for dinner and found that the other elders in our apartment had gone early to decorate. Dinner was really really good, and then they pulled out a cake! They sang Happy Birthday in English and Spanish and I blew out the candles. For a second I thought that the danger was past, but then they told me to taste it. Then I realized where it was going but I went with it. All three of them shoved my face into the cake and then started attacking me with eggs and shaving cream. Then they started getting each other with the shaving cream and we all came out laughing and dirty. I ran my head under the shower and we went back to the apartment with four slices of cake and got some pop. We all showered and then ate cake and played Ludo. It was really fun! Grandma and Grandpa Sims sent a tie and tie pin and so I had a pretty great birthday! 

Our party with our pensionista and her lucky kitten.

The sister baked this great cake.

Feliz Cumplea├▒os, Elder Sims

Yes, that is egg all over Kristian's shirt and hair.

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