Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Four Months and Loving It

Sometimes it can be hard getting people to come to Church on Sunday.  They don't realize what an important part that is to their conversion.  The people here are really nice, though, and we can always find people to teach.  Some progress more than others and we always feel like there's more to get done!  I came to realize this week how great our area is.  The members, the people, everything!  It's kind of large and our chapel is far away.  Pretty soon that should be fixed, though, since they are going to construct a new chapel.  I wish I could stay here for the whole two years.  We have a really great ward.  Members stop us on the street with referrals and invitations and everything!  There are a good number of youths preparing for missions and others that just got back and they're all eager to go with us.  They will hopefully help us cover our huge area a bit better.

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