Monday, April 4, 2011

Two More Pictures and a Few Words

            Here's a view of Piura from the plane.  Let me tell you about piura. It is HOT. It is DRY. Most everywhere is sand except the nicer roads and sidewalks and whereever people water their dirt. Although it doesn't necessarily bother me a bunch, the people here are pretty poor, or so it seems. Some of the houses are nicer, but most have tin for roofs, a lot have dirt for floors, and some have straw for walls. There's a lot of bamboo here too (in construction). I didn't know they had that. It contrasts pretty sharply even from the poor places in Lima.

                                     Kristian accompanying Sister Chipman at the mission home.


  1. How exciting. Thanks so much for posting these pictures and letters. It is so great to be able to keep up with what Kristian is doing. I love modern technology!

  2. What a blessing to the mission, to have an elder who plays the piano! I'm sure that skill will be used throughout his mission.