Monday, April 11, 2011

Presidential Elections and Rain

First of all, go back to the March blog entries.  Kristian has now sent some photos of things he talked about before, so you will want to check out the pictures. 

Beyond that, here's what Kristian wrote for this week:

This weekend we weren't supposed to be out much because they're having presidential elections and sometimes things get ugly. I've been really tired this last week.  I've eaten a little fish, but it's just been straight up cooked fish on a plate with eyeballs--and rice on the side.  I still can't eat that very effectively.  Our pensionista [the woman who cooks for the Elders] has a little kitten.  I give it a lot of meat.

It rained this weekend.  Rain is really rare here.  Everywhere was muddy for a while and then it smelled weird and got really humid.  I felt bad because a lot of the roofs here aren't prepared for rain so people would just have some water coming in on their floor, which sometimes is just dirt.  Our pensionista's house had rainwater leaking for most of the weekend through the brick roof.  Our apartment has no problems, but Elder Zaugg and I spent an hour or two feeding flying ants to the spiders....We regret it now. 

Well, I have a lot to learn, and need to work a lot harder this week!

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