Monday, April 4, 2011

Kristian's email on his first week in Piura

Ok. So we flew in as a group of 16 plus one RM we met at the airport.  The airport is smaller than Waterloo's, just one room with open doors on both sides. As soon as we got in, the assistants and President Chipman waved from outside, and I felt thrilled! We got our bags, went out and drove to the mission home. It looks kind of like an old Mexican plantation mansion, but it turns out it was built since 2000. Go figure. We met and interviewed, and sang songs  while waiting, and then the elders all went to the "office" which was the office elders' large apartment and stayed the night. The next day we had more meetings and met our companions. My companion is North American (which is surprising, because there were only 2 North Americans in our group coming in) from Idaho Falls, Idaho. His name is Elder Tyler Zaugg. He's been out for 18 months and we get along really well. Our area is called los algarrobos, it's a district or some kind of division of Piura, and it's pretty big. Lots of walking through hot dusty roads to spontaneous shacks that house all kinds of people. We had three or four appointments that first day after we ate lunch, so we went to and had a new baptismal date after the first one! Things haven't been quite like that since then but it was pretty cool. 

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