Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

For Easter, church was really crowded; we had ten investigators that came,  and I felt pretty good about it!  The chapel is about 1/3 as big as ours in Iowa but there were more than 150 people there! They're going to start building a new chapel for this ward later this year, and it looks like it might even be a stake center for the future, so hopefully there'll be more room because we had to stand outside, it was so crowded. Most of what seems to be the tradition for the Holy Week here is that everyone watches Bible films like the Ten Commandments and the like all week. It was kind of funny. We did a zone/stake service project cleaning up a school for special needs kids. This turned out to mean gathering various bits of litter into piles and burning them.  By the way, here are some pictures from a work visit with our zone leaders. Their apartment is really nice.... the other two missionaries are just from the area. Our zone leaders get a kitchen, so we made mac and cheese. It was amazing, but I couldn't summon up the appetite to eat the rest of the pan. One box next time.

Hooray for mac and cheese

A workday with other Elders in the zone

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