Wednesday, March 9, 2011

¡Yo hablo Español!

I think I have an easier time speaking Spanish than understanding, because it´s so fast. I think it's just different for everyone though. I'm keeping up better now, so three weeks from now I think I might be fairly competent. It's still mind-blowing to think that I didn't know Spanish at all only 6 weeks ago. Most of the missionaries left for the field yesterday, there are only three of us left. About a hundred will come in tonight and begin the cycle again, and then we'll be out in the field! We watched an MTC devotional given by Elder Bednar about recognizing the promptings of the Spirit. It was really amazing. The main thing I learned from it is that the majority of experiences where you're directed by the Holy Ghost isn't a big experience and you don't recognize it as a prompting at the time. He said he was asked a lot about how to know when it's the Spirit and when it's "just me." He said that the answer was to quit worrying about it and go forward, and this helped me to stop worrying so much about what I do and focus on doing as much work as I can in the next two years.  Last week we found a member who had fallen into inactivity after his wife died but I think he'd been married in the temple and he said he'd return to Church and offered a beautiful prayer and I felt so good to think that because we chanced upon his door he could probably be with his wife again.

On a bus going to the Lima Temple

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  1. Dear Elder Sims,
    I'm so grateful for the technology and the policies of the Church that make it possible to read about your experiences, which half a world away are inspiring to me for my life here !
    I think it was Elder Bednar today as well who talked about personal revelation and recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost. This is something that we work all of our lives on refining. Your sensitivity is heightened to it now and every day you will be tapping into it. I know you've discovered how empowering it is.
    Thank you for your post, Elder Sims. It makes my heart soar ! :) Dennis & I are so happy for you and send our love and prayers...